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Read what people have to say about NGA!

Mrs. Kim Boswell Fuller, Class of 1976

“People will forget what you say, and people will forget what you do, but people will always remember how you make them feel.” This is a saying that holds true and comes to mind when I’m asked to write about what NGA means to me.

  As a 6th grade student the first year NGA was organized in 1969, to honors graduation in 1976, to being well prepared to graduate from UGA cum laude in 1980, then to return to NGA upon graduation from UGA to teach kindergarten for ten more years, I can say with conviction, that NGA is a small private school that cares about how students feel.  I now prepare to retire this June from a career of teaching for 38 years, and reflect with gratitude on the positive impact Nathanael Greene Academy has made in my personal life.

  The environment of Nathanael Greene Academy sets high standards and expectations for developing the overall character of individual students, as well as for academic achievement.   Through sports, literary competitions, and academic challenges, students grow and are positively stretched, avoiding stress through spiritual development and an expectation for responsibility to God, community, country, self and others.  I am thankful to honestly say that those youngsters I taught in kindergarten so many years ago are still my good friends today. I have kept in contact with most, and am proud of the awesome adults they are today. I’ve been blessed to enjoy and see their children now and feel hope for our future that the same good values and expectations in the generation of children developing today are the results of good training instilled through development of the whole child at Nathanael Greene Academy.

  Years in education have shown me that theories change, come and go, then sometimes swing back to prior educational theories with maybe a different terminology and acronym attached to label it a “new” idea in teaching, but human basic needs remain constant. The need to feel secure that you are safe, loved, appreciated, and important is an ongoing and ever-present basic need that is met by the environment provided at Nathanael Greene Academy. It needs no changes or new acronyms. When you feel safe and confident, it allows room for focus on greater growth in all areas. We are all better equipped to handle the ever changing world facing us, thanks to the care for “feelings” provided by NGA.

Mrs. Ginny Hudson Power, Class of 2002

“As a former student at Nathanael Greene Academy , I look back on my high school years with lots of good memories.  The closeness you have at a small school is like none other.  NGA allowed me to do all different kind of extra curricular activities too – basketball, softball, cheerleading to name a few.   Playing on a team and being a team member teaches you a lot about getting along with a group.  My years at NGA gave me the confidence to enter into college feeling prepared socially and academically.  I felt I was as prepared in college as my college friends who attended big schools from big cities.    Nathanael Greene Academy gave me the foundation to succeed and graduate with a degree in Psychology.”

Mrs. Pet Williams, former teacher

“Teaching at  Nathanael Greene Academy can be explained in one word – JOY.  I taught third grade at NGA and it was a joy to go to work every day.  When I watch TV today and hear so much about violence and misbehavior  at schools, it is so foreign to me.   That just doesn’t happen at NGA.  Nathanael Greene Academy is a school where children are taught to respect and obey the teacher.  It is a school where Christian principles are taught.  Children at NGA are well behaved in the classroom and therefore learning can take place.  In a classroom environment like NGA provides children can excel quickly.   I am proud when I see  my former students and how well they are doing as adults.  I treasure my memories at Nathanael Greene Academy and the school will always have a place in my heart.”

Mrs. Jane Morgan, teacher

” I have been a teacher at Nathanael Greene Academy for 35 years. My years at Nathanael Greene Academy have been very extraordinary. The atmosphere of family, the cooperation of the faculty and staff and the wonderful students have made the past 35 years very special. I am proud to be affiliated with Nathanael Greene Academy. 

During the past 35 years, I have been the junior class sponsor (21 years)responsible for organizing and helping the juniors create a fantasy in the gym. I have been the Beta Club sponsor for 35 years and have led the club in community service projects. I have been the senior class sponsor for the past 8 years. I have had the honor of helping the seniors prepare for the next step in their future, from applying for scholarships, to preparing college applications, to helping them plan their graduation exercises. I have always felt that my students are “my children” due to spending time with them each day, looking out for them and caring for them. Nathanael Greene Academy is like one big family. We not only have the opportunity to educate our students in academics, we can also talk openly about God, our Lord and Savior. We have Bible classes and a weekly chapel program. We try to train their minds and uplift their spirits! I am proud to be an NGA Patriot!”

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Mrs. Deborah Moore, Administrative Assistant

“This is my 29th year as an employee of Nathanael Greene Academy. The first 5 years I worked as a para pro in the preschool.  The preschool teacher, Mrs. Sonia Garner is so loving and nurturing toward her students. She loves each and every child that comes through her classroom. She has been our preschool teacher for more than 30 years.  I had a son and two grandchildren to go through her class and could not have asked for better preschool experiences for them.

I have been the school’s administrative assistant for the past 24 years. Over the years I have seen hundreds of students pass through the halls of elementary, middle school and high school. These students are “my” children.  Many of these students now have children at Nathanael Greene Academy.

Some of these same students are now teachers at NGA.

It makes my heart smile every morning when a middle school or high school student comes to the office to give us our devotion for the day and leads us all in the Lord’s Prayer. Elementary students come each morning to lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag.  This is not something you see happening in many school in our country today.  We are honored to teach God’s word in our school and to openly pray every day. NGA is a Christian family. We love our students and their families. We hurt when they hurt, we celebrate triumphs with them, and we pray for each other.

NGA is a wonderful environment to work in but it’s an even better environment for children to learn and grow. Our teachers give our students opportunities to expand their horizons in all areas of their education. Many students may not be Beta Club members but they may excel in acting, music, voice, literary or sports. Our teachers encourage and coach students to be the best they can be in their area of interest.

I thank God for the opportunity I have had to spend 29 years working with awesome faculty, staff and students of Nathanael Greene Academy.”

Mrs. Angie Dunagan Smith, former Patriot mom

“It’s great to be a Patriot!

Up until the 7th grade, my son Jackson attended Nathanael Greene Academy, better known as NGA or Nat Greene by home folks. Thinking that a larger school would offer bigger and better opportunities we moved to a public school for the next five years. The summer before Jackson’s senior year he came to me wanting to transfer back to NGA. What he had found is that the larger the school was not what he had thought it would be. Being back at NGA would be like “going home”, he said. It’s a place where people really know you, care about you and treat you like family. His senior year was his best yet. He participated in four sports and was offered college credit classes.

I belive being a faith based school plays a large role oin helping students become the young adults that we parentswant our kids to grow up to be. I would like to thank Nathanael Greene Academy for investing in my son’s life and for helping to send Jackson off into the world prepared for the next step in his life. I would highly recomend NGA to any parent seeking a Christian School that is committed to excellence in education and driven by their core beliefs in God and Faith in Jesus Christ.”

Mrs. Amy Leard Echols, Patriot Mom

“Tonight I am a little emotional. I can’t believe that this is Jake’s last semester of his senior year. I was reminded today how fast time is going by. I am thanking God for nearly 20 years that my family has been a part of Nathanael Greene Academy. There is no school on this earth that can compare to the closeness, the love, the friendships that we all share at NGA. We may be small in number but we are family. We may not always win every game we play (but we did today!!), but when we do it makes it that much sweeter. NGA has taught my kids that It’s not always about winning. Life isn’t always winning. You have to be ok with losing at times too. And losing gracefully. NGA has taught my children to put others above yourself and to have a servant’s heart. I am forever grateful for this wonderful school with such wonderful people who I’ve had the best 20 years of my life with watching my children grow and learn and have opportunities that they would have no where else. It’s been simply the best!!!”

Mrs. Susan Morgan Lindsey, Class of 1976 & Financial Administrator

“What do I say about Nathanael Greene Academy? HOME!
“Home is where the heart is” and my heart has been here since 1970.

I enrolled at NGA in the fall of 1970 as a 7th grader. It’s hard to change schools during those
middle school years, but it was a great change for me. I became a part of a bigger family. As a child, I didn’t see God’s hand at the time. But He was working.

Looking back on my memories of high school makes me smile. It was a different time and era. There were no cell phones or social media. People actually talked to each other face to face.
I remember sitting on the steps of the old red brick building at break talking with friends. And who could forget the dances in the gym on the weekends. We had live bands!! What an awesome time!

Little did I know that years later my children would be a part of the NGA family. I wanted them
to have the experience that I had and be a part of something different, something special. If you ask them, I think they will tell you the same thing.

I mentioned earlier that God was working, and He did. He opened the door for me to be a part of the NGA faculty 27 years ago. It was truly a God thing. I have been blessed to work with so many wonderful people over the years. The teachers are kind, compassionate and give with a huge heart.

Being able to go to work in a Christian environment and praying together is a great way to start each day! Students lead our devotion, prayer time and our pledge to the flag. It doesn’t get any better than that. Academic achievements are important at Nathanael Greene Academy along with the development of character. Have you ever been told “remember who you are” and “whose you are”? Being a part of a family brings certain expectations and we desire and expect for each student to succeed. When these students enter our doors, they become “our children”. Many have left NGA to do great things. It makes me feel blessed and grateful to be a part of their lives during the time they spend with us. We may be small, but we love and nurture these children in a big way. I have watched so many students come in as preschoolers and leave as young adults ready to face the world.

GOD, FAMILY and HOME-that is how I describe Nathanael Greene Academy. When you place God first, everything else will fall into place. We love GOD and teach HIS word. We love the families and their children that have been placed in our care. What an amazing job to have.
NGA will always hold a special place in my heart. I am proud to be a Patriot and NGA is HOME!”

Mr. Andy Dyar, Class of 1999

“My time at Nathanael Greene Academy was one that I will always looks back on with positive memories.  I have maintained many of the friendships from fellow students and teachers alike from my time there.  The smaller class sizes allow for more attention for students from faculty, as well as the opportunity for greater participation in sports.  I would recommend the school for any parent who is looking for a great learning environment for their children.”

Mrs. Paula Stewart, Elementary Art & Music Teacher

“BLESSED. That word describes my experience at N.G.A. both as a teacher and a parent. I have loved going to work for thirty plus years because I have had the privilege of working beside dedicated, compassionate, Godly teachers who love what they do. I have had the amazing honor to teach respectful, bright, talented students who have given me the most happy memories a teacher can have. Also, our four daughters experienced an education that afforded them the opportunity to attend college well equipped to advance in their chosen fields, evidenced by the fact that each of them graduated with honors and went on to receive advanced degrees.

Nathanael Greene Academy teaches good manners and respect for authority. We teach the development of Godly habits and the mindset that serving others is how Jesus wants us to live. We teach that learning requires the interaction of the head, the hands, and the heart.
A popular television show’s theme song began with this phrase: ” Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came.” That’s N.G.A. to me. Students are known and taught on a personal level, and we are all family. The Bible tells us to “train up a child in the way they should go, and when they are old they will not depart from it.” N.G.A. has been a huge blessing to me, and I thank God for the experience.”

Miss Tanna McPherson, Class of 2016

“I came to Nathanael Greene Academy my Sophomore year of high school after making my way through many other schools, both big and small. The summer before transferring, students reached out to me to welcome me and calm my nerves before officially becoming a Patriot. Soon I realized that it was more than just a school; it was a family. Although it may be a cliché thing to say about small southern schools, there’s no other word that can be used to describe it. I have never felt more cared about and supported by a school than when I went to Nathanael Greene. It was more than just a place I went eight hours a day to learn. It was where I made lasting friendships, unforgettable memories, and so much more. My Nathanael Greene Academy family has continued to care for me and show me love even after I have graduated and gone off to college. Although NGA has helped prepare me for my unpredictable yet exciting future, I know that no matter how far I stray, my Nathanael Greene Academy family will always welcome me back with open arms.”