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Patriot Athletic Club (PAC)

The purpose of the Patriots Athletic Club is clearly stated in our Constitution and By-Laws which reads, “To support the extracurricular programs of Nathanael Greene Academy in order to promote the growth of physical, mental, social, and spiritual welfare of all participants”. We intend to continue to make this purpose a reality going forward. This year the Patriot Athletic Club will have certain participation fees for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year. This will help generate the funds necessary to improve our athletic programs as well as reduce the number of athletic fundraisers. All families will still be required to pay a one-time $50 membership fee each year.

Family Membership fee

  • $50 per school year

Athletic Participant Fee

  • Intermediate & High School (per sport/team)$35  

*There is an individual maximum of $70 (or 2 activities) and a family maximum of $180 (or 6 activities) per year.

Where do Gate and participation fees go?

100% of both gate receipts and participation fees are used to cover a portion of the athletic expenditures school wide. Participation and gate revenue cover approximately 50% of the total athletic budgets. Costs included in the athletic fund include item such as coach wages, fees for officials, field maintenance; equipment, etc.

How is participation fees spread to each sport?

Participation fees are not spread to individual sports. All revenue raised, both from participation fees as well as gate receipts, go toward the total cost of athletic/activities programs for the School. The fees are intended to limit athletic program reduction throughout the school.

What does it cost to run a sport?

There are several direct and indirect costs that are associated with running a sport.  Examples of direct cost would be coach’s salaries, officials, transportation, and state and league tournament fees along with awards.

There are also several indirect costs that are part of providing athletic programs.  Although they are not as easily attributed to a given sport, they are necessary and unavoidable.  Examples include:

  • Athletic supplies
  • Field Maintenance
  • Medical Supplies
  • Awards
  • Equipment maintenance and repair
  • GICAA dues
  • Miscellaneous supplies and materials
  • Sports equipment

Individual Season Pass

  • $75 per school year

Gate fee to all non-tournament home sporting event is waived. Season passes are available to Patriot Athletic Club members, siblings of students who do not attend NGA and Alumni who are members of the Patriot Athletic Club. All NGA students are admitted into sporting events free-of-charge, excluding Tournament gates. Passes are issued as soon as payment has been made.